First of all, planning your wedding becomes a lot less time-consuming and more convenient with a wedding planner on-line. Time is always of the essence and, yes, your wedding day is the most important event of your life so far, but you can't let all the preparations take over all your life and mess up your schedule. An online wedding consultant is available for you at your convenience. You don't have to leave your home or office, make appointments and spend hours on end discussing different topics. All the information you need, as well as answers to your questions and a wedding planning checklist are one click away.

Oftentimes, they network with these services so that they both benefit by giving each other business. This can work to your benefit because you get reputable services without having to go through the trouble of testing several different companies.

It has functions that will allow you to send e mail invites and then also records their RSVPs along with any of their personal requests. You no longer have to bother with keeping track of numerous small notes and reminders. Similarly it also has a to-do list that also works as a reminder for you and your employees both! You can put down all the tasks you need to do and those that you might have leased out to a vendor and then send both yourself and the vendor e - mail or SMS reminders! There is also a utility to help you keep track of all your expenses and help you stay within your budget.

They can arrange for photographers to attend your special day, both for the wedding and the reception. They can help to design the dcor for the entire event from start to finish and help you to source items that you may need for you theme. They can also help with matching wedding favors to your theme and sourcing them as well.